Defining (and Expanding) Your Audience

FIR can help you reach a variety of audiences, in numerous ways, to tell your company's story.

The media provides an independent, credible forum for delivering messages - but that's not the only way to reach an audience. More than just a PR firm, FIR combines public relations with advertising, trade shows, lead generation, website development and content marketing services to help companies define their audience and expand the world of prospects interested in their products & services.



FIR can find any reporter or analyst, in any industry, anywhere around the globe.

We’re proud of our extensive and productive relationships with reporters and publishers.



We work extensively with the trade press in the industrial equipment, pumping infrastructure, and telecom industries.  We know how to get the most out of our client’s advertising budgets – in a manner that generates leads through sponsored content, email blasts to subscribers, white papers, and other programs.


Partners & Customers:

FIR’s newsletters keep all stakeholders in the loop. They combine branding and content in a manner that both impresses and informs. Contact FIR to learn more about expanding your audience, and delivering tailored content on a regular basis.

Once you find the right audience, the next steps are to sharpen your story and get the word out!